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Why Leasehold Owners Need Landlord And Housing Insurance?

Posted on November 6th, 2014 by Tick Tick Check Team


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Lessor insurance is different than home insurance.
Its main purposes are the safety of rental property in particular plus the adequate security of buy-to-let kind of investments. Protection of the rental real estate as well as the contents of the building itself are a must. The London property market is expanding and growth as a fact stands for none less than opportunities. The number of Britons, that choose to offer housing rather than sell what real estate they posses is on a rise. If you are a home owner or you plan to invest your assets into buy-to-let property in order to become a lessor – you should take under serious consideration some of the basic rules and responsibilities, that real estate ownership comes along with. According to Telegraph 2014 will bring prosperity for landlords.

What is the right kind of safeguard you and your property need?

Make sure you do your homework right. As a product, landlord realty protection is quite similar to the regular home assurance products. They are specifically designed to serve the needs of the rental property market. There are a few service providers, that can actually cover the full list of requirements every landlord’s rights need. Regular safeguard home products can’t provide sufficient coverage over the whole leasehold along with its contents. This has brought the need of products that specialize in the field of rental realty.

Why landlord real estate insurance is of crucial importance to every buy-to-let kind of property investment? 

In case of unexpected disaster, caused by nature itself, the insurance policy is what will “cover you back” and guarantee the protection of the belongings and assets you posses as the home owner. Additionally, a real estate insurance service could save you the nerves of hostile or malicious harm done on purpose, as well as eliminating the threat of accidental loss or inventory damage. No matter if caused by nature, by your tenants, their friends or guests, the landlord buildings insurance will cover all recovery expenses.

When you research for the right kind of protection, have in mind the potential presence of long time gaps in between any two tenancies. 

The longer the period the housing is unoccupied the harder the financial impact might be. Every landlord should have a back up plan in case of longer periods of property vacancy than expected at first. Such scenarios would significantly affect people, who have taken out buy-to-let mortgage loans. Any regular offer should have you covered for no less than 30 days in between tenancies, but the best option is the one that allows vacancy periods to prolong up to 90 days. When on the hunt for the best real estate insurance, landlords should prepare a plan B in case of rent loss in case the renters are endangered or threatened, resulting in the abandonment of both property and the contents of the building.

The home owner’s emergency inventory protection.

Products of such kind can guarantee you as a property landlord that the housing inventory condition is out of risk. In case of loss, caused by theft or burglary, the home owner might end up paying a substantial bill. The process of inventory replacement or electrical suppliance repairs often requires third party professional service. Most of the landlord freshmen blindly believe that a regular home insurance covers the full range of services a rental property requires. Unfortunately that isn’t the whole story. The best way to achieve such piece of mind is to call a reputable property inventory company and hire a skilled adjudicator to produce an independent inventory report.

Liability and safety of the landlord’s rights.

Despite all the precautions you could have taken or the rules you can impose as a landlord, misfortune can strike at any given moment. In our pursuit for profit we often disregard the importance of health and overall protection. Most of the insurance products used by landlords of buy-to-rent kind of properties provide such and it’s free of charge.

The risk of domestic emergencies. 

The purchase of home insurance covers the risk of domestic emergencies that can endanger both the housing renters and the whole property and its inventory . The safety of tenants that inhabit it is of prime priority. Home break ins, toilet or bathroom damage, dysfunction of heating suppliances, security systems, which include failure of doors, windows and even the locks themselves. In the same category we may add the failure of power supply, drainage miss functions or what so ever kind of pest problems or infestation.

A few other aspects of rental property safety landlords should consider.

To make the right decision sounds easy, but to choose the right method of protection versus the right property renter are two totally different tasks. You could ensure the safety of the housing rent via independent third party services. There are a number of companies that offer eviction products in case of tenants, who do not fulfil their housing payment on time. Such service would be applicable only when a shorthold contract, with a period of time that does not exceed more than 12 months, plus a tenancy deposit equal the amount of no less than a monthly rent. Every landlord should have in mind that a tenant reference done by a legitimate source is simply a must. All expenses done because of eviction are to be refunded under the legal expenses cover.

Tenants’ housing contents insurance

The last but not least, regular landlords inventory cover does not ensure the safety of the belongings of tenants. Usually renters should take care of their own property insurance but in case of discounts or other advantages combinations are possible.