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Why Professional Inventory Services Are Better Than DIY Inspections?

Posted on November 4th, 2014 by Tick Tick Check Team


is one of the cities that is experiencing the most all effects of inhabitants’ increase, both in the United Kingdom and European union.

In 2010 its population has been at the number of 7,825,200, while according to the Office of National Statistics in 2011 the count of all Greater London inhabitants was 8,173,941. A serious percentage of all newly arrivals are by no doubt potential housing renters. Because of the exponential growth, landlords face on a daily basis an upraising trend of tenancy-related problems and issues that require an ever more needed solution.

1. All who run a rental business should decide what is the best way of storage, usage and maintenance supervision of the real estate they lease, including all its belongings. This complex combination is often referred as inventory control system or real estate management.

2. The need of an accounting procedure, that serves both the landlord and tenant interests and it’s meant to assure the best of safeguard to all assets in use is nothing but a fact. Professional inventory services are a mean to ensure that tenants take care and maintain their housing properly and with responsibility.

3. In the field of property related service providers, loss and damage prevention of housing furniture are among the most important of priorities. An effective process of realty management is an absolute necessity to every rental business manager or home owner.


Landlords And The Safety Of Property

They can either try and handle their own property inspections or outsource those to a professional London inventory company. To manage the leasehold usage and all that’s within, is indeed a resource consuming task. In order to cut costs down, landlords could try and carry out physical inventories on their own, but have in mind that such inspection won’t  withhold in court in case they are needed to. That’s why conducting adjudications by yourself holds a number of risks.

Pros And Cons Of DIY And Third-party Services

If you are a leasehold owner and you choose to carry out your own physical inventories, you will have better control over your property, but in case of any tenancy agreements law disputes, your efforts will turn out to be worthless. Imagine how time consuming it would be if you are responsible for a number of leaseholds. To perform such services by your own will most definitely cost you dearly. You will need specialized knowledge, resources and of course – a lot of time. If conducted by the business manager or an employee, a properly performed inventory can never be absolutely guaranteed. Property asset records are meant to unquestionably state what the precise condition is in both written and visual form. Professional inventory clerks are equipped with a set of tools, such as:

  • Dictaphone to keep up with speed
  • A smart device such as a tablet or a phone
  • Voice recognition software
  • Inventory management software
  • A  quality photo or video camera
  • A bright torch so no detail is missed
  • GPS device to get on site in time
  • Personal vehicle

If the landlord takes under consideration what the benefits that professional inventory company services offer are, one could save a lot of time and of course – money.

Independent Adjudication Reduces Leasehold Overall Risk and Expenses

All landlord’s property – furniture, appliances and other inventories, are often the owners whole capital. Professional service providers help minimize the cost of unnecessary losses and damage caused by tenants.

Certified Inventory Clerks Benefit Efficiency Growth

If landlords outsource the leasehold management, this will allow them to automate other tenancy-related tasks. The software, accredited inventory clerks use, can automatically collect data, conduct calculations, create and export precise records of the real estate characteristics. This not only results in time and costs savings, but also increases the business assets efficiency.

Third Party Inspections Encourage Tenant Responsibility 

Third party services are meant to put business relations into order, whenever it’s needed. If not under the grip of an independent contractor’s  expert opinion, who will assess the condition of all realty leased, when both landlords and tenants are susceptible to abuse? In order to eliminate doubt and disloyalty, a independent inventory clerk service is the right solution involved in the London housing niche.

Professional Adjudication Reports Encourage Information Availability 

Property managers can give information access to other employees such as maintenance technicians, cleaning service contractors and etc. To grant the usage of such information can boost the efficiency of any inventory management team by saving both time and nerves.

In Conclusion:

Leasehold owners are responsible for the segregation of duties throughout all the tasks and duties the rent of a real estate includes as a process. Every landlords has to ensure both the safeguard of assets and protection of property. By report analysis, landlords get  better overall view and therefore maximize control efficiency over all inventory use. Furthermore, business owners are becoming evermore better prepared for all new demands and standards the market has, does or might offer. Reports generated by independent property inventory clerks gather and deliver  London landlords important data, which if  analysed  can improve their whole rental business.

Both the self-made physical and professional realty inventories have their pros and cons. Independent third-party services offer better quality of results. which means  opportunities toward business expansions, better and steadier income and of course – profit.