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Professional Property Inventory Report in London

Out of all the expenditure of moving house, a property inventory report is the one document that will end up saving you money. The report takes the form of a full and complete description of the property, including doors, walls, windows, floors, and all fittings and furniture that’s included in the leasing agreement. It’s a clear, concise and impartial record of the condition of the property before the tenancy started. By having this document agreed upon by both you and the other partner in the tenancy agreement – either tenant or landlord and letting agency – you’ll have the protection you need in case of later dispute.

Why Do I Need an Inventory Report in London?

Without an inventory report you leave yourself vulnerable to spurious claims made against the condition of the property. Perhaps a tenant has caused damage that they refuse to take responsibility for. Perhaps your landlord fails to recognise the damage was already present before you moved in. A professional inventory report shows a clear and unbiased view of the condition of the property, thus serving to protect all sides involved in case of later dispute. With one to hand, you’ll be able to clearly and fairly see where responsibility lies.

Even if your London property is unfurnished, you’ll still need a solid inventory report. Remember – the schedule of condition covers the state of the walls, windows, floors, and so on, so you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got evidence relating to the original state of these parts of the property too.

Why Use Tick Tick Check for My Inventory Reports?

We know how vital the documents that we produce are, whether it is an Energy Performance Certificate or a property inventory. That’s why our reports are detailed and concise, and feature both accurate written and photographic evidence. Our certified and experienced inventory clerks will move through the property room by room inspecting the cleanliness, recording any extant damages, if any, and generally providing the evidence that both sides in any rental agreement will need when the agreement reaches its end.

We’ll make sure that you receive a copy of the final inventory report  by email. Our expert services are available across the Greater London area, so you can count on professional, certified assistance wherever your property is located.

Why Not Take Advantage of Our Property Inventory List + Check In Report?

We offer a special service which combined the inventory list and the check in inspection in a single visit. The check in report is the handwritten report that is conducted on the date when a tenant moves into the property after walking around and agreeing the condition of the property with the tenant. It is based on the inventory report. The check in report also gives details for the meter readings and list the keys that are handed over.

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