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7 Tenant Housing Tips For Renting your First Dwelling

Posted on November 13th, 2014 by Tick Tick Check Team
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Everybody’s impatient for their first rental dwelling

By no doubt, to move into your first housing is a indeed an exiting newsbreak. Beside the happiness and joy ever new housing bring, there are a number of responsibilities that every dwelling goes along with.

Your First Housing?

To rent the first property and customize all its inventory independent and all by yourself is for many among the most important steps toward the life of an independent adult. It surely sounds fascinating but to be on your own is a financial burden that does hold its risks. Each newbie inexperienced newcomer tenant has to not only manage and take care of both his and the property rented, but to also meet financial responsibility and budget management.

Administration of your own belongings  along with all expenses that come along, is a task that if not planned accurately, could have you end up facing missed payments, incurring late fees or in two words – losing money and bad credit. As a property inventory service provider, we always try to assist and help our clients the best way we can. If you happen to be a renter for the first time, consider the following tips so you can avoid any unpleasant situations.


1. Make sure you set a limit on your housing rent amount.

When it is all about your first dwelling of your own, tenants are often advised to plan the amount of property rent at no more than 30% of your net income. In that case you will have the rest 70% to spend on food, any new possessions you always wanted, necessary goods, other valuables, desired belongings, savings and etc. Some financial expert share the statement that the 30% line as strongly recommended in order to keep a balanced housing budget in general. Newbie renters are often ready to sacrifice the amount of property rent in favor of their independency

2. Make a list and plan what overall utilities will cost you

When you’re about to rent your first housing on your own, to plan what is the approximately combined price of all utilities and home appliances. An course of expenses you can predict is on you can efficiently manage. Make a list of all items or services you need, such like internet, phone transportation and etc.

3. Always ensure the proper property insurance over your housing.

Not everybody knows why leasehold owners need landlord and housing insurance. Regular renter’s policies might cover and refund possessions cost in case of any water or fire disasters including liability situations. It is possible to modify them in order for extra valuables or other belongings to be included.

4. Take care of parking with your new housing

Parking spots are always a problem and if such is present – makes sure if such is included within the property inventory rent or not. In case your leasehold landlord did not include the cost of such – add it to your list of your most necessary possessions. To be a londoner without a spot for your car is a potential nightmare for every citizen of the capital.

5. If you love your housing and property inventory – set a month’s rent away.

If the thoughts of a dwelling of your own turns your goods on – leave the amount of a monthly rent in your savings account in order to ensure your safety and comfort. You would not want to loose in case the same has already happened with you company position as an employee. To have a month’s rent set aside could potentially turn out essential for you survival and of course – to keep your rental property.

6. Never leave tenancy agreements to fate.

Property landlords are almost always more than friendly but don’t let that fool you. Rental housing agreements are the same as all contracts and as we all know how tricky they can be. As a tenant it is your obligation to make sure that both side’s rights and accurately written down. A good tenancy agreement guarantees for the proper regulation of potential problems or arguments. For an example if you wish to sublet the housing  you will have no other choice but to consult with your landlord, since most of tenancy agreements forbid such actions.

7. Property inventory report problems.

Each dwelling under rent has to pass independent adjudication of the overall condition of the whole realty as well as the contents of the building itself. Cracked windows, broken appliances, furniture stains or damaged walls are just a few of the potential problems that professional inventory reports might help you with when it comes down to court disputes. Only when an independent inspection has been made claims over repairs and refunds can take place and most of all – withhold in court.

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