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Burglar Proof your Home with these 5 Easy tips

January 8th, 2018

Door lock
No matter who you are or where you live, if a would-be burglar spots something of value and sets his sights on it, chances are he will attempt to take it from you sooner or later.

Whether it’s the keys to your new convertible or a laptop they’ve seen a member of your family using is irrelevant.

Your focus should be to protect your home as best you can so a burglar can’t get close to anything of value & more importantly, your family. Read the rest of this entry »

Housing Property Rents and Value are Rising. Poverty over London?

March 20th, 2015

Realty prices and rent has been rising and according to some recent studies, a huge percentage of all London renters could drop under the living standard end head to poverty.

For what archives have to show us, on the record the United Kingdom overall rental property inventory has been experiencing fast and dramatic changes within housing accommodation sector. Prices have been constantly and as a matter of fact still do rise throughout the whole real estate sector. Some say house values within London have been jumping literally overnight, which leads many landlords and property owners to sell their real estate belongings and retire somewhere within the capital suburbs and surroundings.

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7 Landlord Tips for Successful Realty Management in 2017

February 9th, 2015

Rental Property Landlords

In order to accomplish a sustainable and successful property management, every London housing owner or agent should follow a strict and precise policy of how the rental real estate is handled. It’s a fact this year will hold a number of surprises.Realty Management in 2015

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Thousands Joined The March For Homes!

February 2nd, 2015


Londoners Have Stood For Their Housing Rights!

Thousands have joined the March for Homes on the 31st of January in order to stand against injustice in the niche of rental property.

The London movement for social and fair rental accommodation

Stands against the housing injustice in London

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A Landlord’s Rental Accommodation Checklist

January 20th, 2015

We had a serious discussion in our office about the most important aspects of real estate and inventory management, that rental accommodation landlords should always go through at the beginning of any lease or tenancy.A Landlord’s Rental Accommodation Checklist

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What is Inventory Fair Wear and Tear?

December 30th, 2014

By definition wear and tear is the inevitable damage, caused by natural aging. In the process of extensive use the condition of all rental property inventory eventually turn out as worn off. Sometimes accidental rips, scratches and holes classify as such as well. Carpets, sofas, tables, chairs and all other furniture get worn off easily and often become what tenant-landlord disputes happen over the most. The home owner or property manager cannot simply charge leasehold occupiers over the preposition of fair wear and tear damage. If the tenancy contract does not specify the specific conditions nor rules under which amortization is handled, both landlords and tenants trend to speculate with what fair wear and tear is.

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Your First UK Buy-to-let Real Estate? London Homes, Rental Dwelling Characteristics and Renters’ Inventories Expectations

December 18th, 2014

No matter if it is to be your first buy-to-let property or you are already skilful and experienced in the field of any real estate related business, there are always tips an tricks that if take under consideration will improve both the start and end point. Renting in London is more than tricky and proper planning could save you lots of nerves, unneeded expenses and of course result in better assets and a wiser usage of your capital. As professional inventory clerks, we at Tick Tick Check Inventories drive throughout the city on a regular basis. To pick the wrong house or flat often results in insufficient income, and a number of problems, while the smart pick, backed up with both research, knowledge and of course – the right resources, could lead you to none less than success. In order to make that right decision every entrepreneur needs to evaluate what his current options are and consider each possible outcome. Such power requires a set of characteristics, qualities and spirit, that are hard to achieve but if so, will definitely take you on a path to wealth and prosperity.

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A Wider Look At The Core Essence Of Our Services

December 1st, 2014
Tick tick check Property Inventory company female inventory clerk employee

Our friendly and charming employee

Sooner or later each business encounters at least one among the list of niche-specific problems and tasks that require both third-party professional expertise and experience. A lot of companies are not interested in full time rent of such resources, if they can simply outsource those to a reputable provider. Some specific tasks require both the know how and proper equipment and, of course – available realty and capital. To posses and sustain the working condition and exploitation of assets by yourself is not always profitable when we consider the long term perspective. Competitive markets like the niche of London property inventory services require quality employees in a number of key areas of knowledge in order to supply the best of services possible. Both housing renters and leasehold owners often can not obtain official accreditation in order to conduct their inventories. Regardless of that you can still acquire and benefit of professional expertise by hiring third party adjudication services provider.

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7 Tenant Housing Tips For Renting your First Dwelling

November 13th, 2014
hungry for housing sign

Everybody’s impatient for their first rental dwelling

By no doubt, to move into your first housing is a indeed an exiting newsbreak. Beside the happiness and joy ever new housing bring, there are a number of responsibilities that every dwelling goes along with.

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Why Leasehold Owners Need Landlord And Housing Insurance?

November 6th, 2014


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Property Inventory Services

Leasehold Protection

  1. Landlords’ Inventory Insurance
  2. Tenants’ Housing Contents’ Insurance

Lessor insurance is different than home insurance.
Its main purposes are the safety of rental property in particular plus the adequate security of buy-to-let kind of investments. Protection of the rental real estate as well as the contents of the building itself are a must. The London property market is expanding and growth as a fact stands for none less than opportunities. The number of Britons, that choose to offer housing rather than sell what real estate they posses is on a rise. If you are a home owner or you plan to invest your assets into buy-to-let property in order to become a lessor – you should take under serious consideration some of the basic rules and responsibilities, that real estate ownership comes along with. According to Telegraph 2014 will bring prosperity for landlords.

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