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Independent Tenancy Check Out for London Properties

A check out report is a key element of the end of a leasing agreement. It’s better to get a report from unbiased and impartial third-party professionals to form a complete and accurate record of the final condition of the property, for the safety of all parties concerned. For landlords in particular it’s essential, and getting one as a tenant will protect you from any future spurious claims or withheld deposit problems.

The report is a self-evident document, similar in format to your check in report and inventory list, that uses both written and photographic evidence to describe the full status of all fixtures, fittings, structural elements, appliances and furniture of the rental property. Comparing this information to the reports we produced for you at the start of your agreement, you’ll be able to clearly see any damage or property misuse. Talk to us now about getting your own inventory check out in London and safeguarding your interests in the UK capital, whether you’re a landlord or a tenant.

Why Do I Need an End of Tenancy Inventory Report?

If you want to make sure that your tenancy agreement comes to an end smoothly and amicably, then a check out report is vital. This document will prevent disputes and disagreements from arising because the evidence it provides is impartial and irrefutable. The declaration has to be signed by all parties after being compared to the original reports – also signed – so that both parties have acknowledged everything is acceptable to them, and the leasing agreement neatly concluded.

What Does Our Check Out Inventory Include?

We have a team of fully qualified and experienced inventory clerks, each of whom has been approved by the ICA (Inventory Clerk Association) – an independent body which monitors the industry. They’ll work methodically, moving throughout the property room by room, taking precise photographs and making detailed notes about the property’s condition. You’ll receive a copy of the check out inventory ready to sign in short order, and it will contain all of the written and photographic evidence you’ll need to prove the condition of the property.

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