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Professional & Affordable Property Inventory Services

Property inventory services are of vital importance whether you yourself are a tenant, landlord or a leasing agency. In our work we’ve seen time and again the emotional and financial consequences of leasing agreements that go ahead without the backing of an impartial and comprehensive property inventory. Having a complete inventory report to hand is simply the safest way to protect and arm yourself in the case of any future disputes that might arrive. You won’t just be protecting yourself or your company, you’ll also be doing the right thing by helping out the other party.

The Inventory Services That We Provide in London

The inventory services that we provide are available across London, and come in various formats, including:

Inventory Report: An inventory report is the comprehensive typed description and photographic report that lists in detail the condition of every room in a given and property and its contents and decoration. You’ll get your own copy of the document and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it’s impartial and complete in every detail. Later Check In and Check Out reports are based on this important document.

Inventory list & Check In Report: A combination of detailed inventory list plus check in inspection at the beginning of a tenancy agreement, which includes the initial state of all items in the rental property along with meter readings.

Check Out Report: Making sure that the safety deposit can now be released back to the tenant is the business of the Check Out Report. This document provides the written and photographic evidence that’s compared with the previous Inventory and Check In reports and agreed upon by tenant and landlord or agency when all parties are satisfied. Return of deposit money can then go ahead.

Energy Performance Certification: Acquiring an Energy Performance Certificate (or EPC) is a legal part of renting out a property. The document shows the energy rating of the property – how energy efficient it is in terms of bills for a tenant, and so on. Our team is formed by fully qualified assessors who’ll make getting this required document fast and easy.

Gas Safety Certificate: Another requirement of renting out a property is having a Gas Safety Certificate. With us it is fast and easy to check off this chore of your renting list.

Floor Planning: making sure your property is set out to attract tenants is vital to making sure your property is going to be snapped up into the shortest time possible. We offer professional floor planning from experienced and qualified experts.

The Advantages of Using Us for Property Inventories

Our property inventories are completely unbiased and benefit from the work that’s diligently performed by our experienced and fully qualified team. We use both written and photographic to document our findings, and provide inventory services that give you access to the following benefits:

  • All Work Performed by Fully Certified and Independent Inventory Clerks: All of our team are fully vetted, and have certification.
  • Affordable Prices: We have a best-price guarantee that makes sure that you’re always paying the lowest price around.
  • Flexible Appointments: We’ve got a large and talented team ready to be placed at your disposal, so you can always find the appointment times that you need.
  • No Deposit Required: we don’t ask for any preliminary payment or deposit – you can pay on completion.
  • Change Your Appointment Time for Free: As long as you give us a little notice we’re always happy to change your appointment time to suit developing need.
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