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7 tips that will help you make your move easy

Posted on January 23rd, 2020 by Tick Tick Check Team

Womans guide to house huntingLet’s face it you can never have fun while moving. In fact, moving is the doorway to stress and chaos.

The moment you start packing, a spree of stress follows you until the move is over. So, we do not promise that you will feel like you just got out of a meditation session after following the tips mentioned in this post, but we do think that your move will flow smoothly and you will stay stress-free.

Make a moving and packing playlist

Music is food for your burdened soul. Of course, we all are well aware of this fact. Anything that happens in life can be healed with the power of music. You might think that this tip is a bit foolish, but trust me it works wonders. Especially when you are amidst the process of packing and moving.

In my personal opinion, any magnanimous task can be turned into an easy task with the help of good music. So, how about creating two playlists. One for packing and the other for moving. For your packing playlist, focus on songs that make you dance and you can help but dance to their beat. And for the moving list, you can choose songs that are relaxing and fun at the same time.

Make your task easy

Packing is a ginormous task and you can only help yourself by making the task easy. To make your task easy here are some DIY tips that might help you. First and foremost, if you have furniture filled with clothes, leave them be and don’t move the clothes out of the dressers or drawers. This way you will have less to pack and by the time you reach your new home you will know exactly where your clothes are.

Note: Make sure you ask your mover to wrap the drawers nicely or secure them with tape and wrapping cloth.

In addition to this, if you have clothes hung on hangers, leave them on the hangers and don’t go through the trouble of separating them. You can pack them in boxes that are specially designed to carry hangers with clothes.

Go with smaller boxes

This is a trick that my friend told me and I think packing in smaller boxes is quite enjoyable because you don’t have to waste your time taping the box. You can simply stack piles of your belongings inside a tiny banker box and make your packing situation manageable.

Although you might disagree because large boxes can accommodate maximum no. of items, yet packing and taping small boxes is much easier and convenient. And that’s just one side of the story. Once you reach your new home you will notice that small boxes are easier to handle and easy to unpack.

Start packing weeks ahead of the move

Ask a moving company in New York City, Brooklyn, San Francisco or the city you live in. They will all ask you to start packing weeks ahead of the move. Especially if you have decided to move on your own. This also means that you have to mark the calendar, pick a room, and begin packing because lat moment packing will only further the damage. So, make sure you make a list of things you need to pack first and pack heavy furniture last.

Don’t forget to use packing labels

Labeling will help you learn which particular item lies in which box. For instance, you can label the kitchen equipment in green and write a little description of the kind of kitchenware the box carries. Similarly, you can use the same labeling color scheme for the rest of the rooms and provide clarity to the movers while they are loading the boxes in the moving truck or van.

Separate the essentials from the non-essentials

Separating the essentials from the non-essentials is clearly an integral part of any move. It also helps mover carry important things. In fact, you can sell or donate the belongings you no longer require. Several people are in need of things you wish to discard. So, think of it as a noble cause and donate as many items as you can.

Keep valuables under personal protection

Valuables such as expensive oil paintings or an heirloom should be packed and moved carefully. Not only this but also make sure that you move them in your car and not in the moving truck because such items are always under the risk of getting damaged. This is why you have to pack and move valuables in your car.

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