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Tips & Inventory Services to Protect You During Your Tenancy

Whether you’re a student attempting to enter into your first rental agreement, or an experienced professional who’s rented for years, many people feel daunted when entering into a new leasing agreement. There’s no need to though, as long as you’re armed with some simple points of advice and knowledge – and a detailed, professional tenancy inventory.

In our many years of offering tenancy inventory services we’ve come to learn a few things about the leasing industry. Here’s some things that you might need to know:



Your Landlord is Required to Provide Documentation

Your landlord or letting agency is required by law to arrange the provision of certain documents. This includes a Gas Safety Certificate and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before you move in. These documents need to be provided by an independent third party, and will let you know that the property is safe to live in, and how economical you can expect it to be in terms of utility bills.

A Tenancy Deposit Scheme is Now a Requirement

Your deposit will now be held in trust by a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. These are independent bodies who keep hold of your money for you, and provide an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) service in the event that you have any dispute with your landlord over the final check out report. Remember – in the even that your landlord changes their mind before you move in to a property, they’ll have to return your deposit in full as long as everything is signed. For this reason it’s important to get your tenancy agreement signed ASAP.

For more information about Tenancy Deposit Schemes visit to find out more.

You Should Protect Yourself Against Spurious Claims

In the unhappy event that your landlord makes a claim against you, you’ll be in a much stronger position if you have a full tenancy inventory. If you’re landlord doesn’t arrange one for you by an independent service provider, that is generally not a positive sign, and you should take steps yourself to arrange one. Remember to check the inventory that you’re given thoroughly, to check photographic evidence (if provided) is of good quality and shows what it’s supposed to show. Make sure you choose a professional and certified company if you’re choosing an inventory service provider of your own.



Sharing a property presents its own special set of circumstances.

Check the Rental Agreement to be Sure of Your Responsibilities

The most important to thing to consider when entering into a shared rental agreement is how well you know the other sharers and what the agreement lays out as your responsibilities towards each other. If you’re going to be responsible for paying another sharer’s rent if they don’t pay, can’t pay, or decide to move out, you’d best be sure you trust them in advance! There are different types of rental agreement, so make sure you know which one you have.

Council Tax and Students

If you’re a full time student you won’t need to pay full council tax. Part time students however, still do. This makes houses with both full and part time students a potentially tricky proposition. Consider carefully if you’re planning on living with both full time and part time students.



Check the Safety of the Area – Don’t Just Take Your Landlord’s Word for it

Try going back to the area in the evening and seeing how safe you feel to make sure that this is the area for you. You can also try online searches and checking with estate agents who cover multiple areas; they may give you a more accurate appraisal than local outlets

Get an Idea of a Fair Price

Checking online is often a simple solution to make sure that you’re paying a reasonable rate to a rent a property in a certain area. You can also visit local estate agents and see what other properties they have available locally.

Remember that there is No Government Regulation in the Letting Industry

Most problems arise when tenants rent properties from uncertified agencies. There are independent bodies who award reliable agencies with their mark, so always check to make sure your letting agency has been approved by a third party.

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