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Why Should I Use a Professional Locksmith Company?

Posted on June 7th, 2018 by Tick Tick Check Team

Door lockSafety is a primary concern for most people, and cannot be taken for granted. There are many reasons why you could need a locksmith. It could be that your lock was damaged in an incident, or you just want the latest in security technology for your home or office. Whatever the case, it is important that you seek the services of a certified locksmith from a professional locksmith company. Here are three reasons why.

1. Legitimacy and Experience

Professional companies are government-registered and tend to be more reliable than wayside locksmiths.

These are the well-established and reputable companies with solid experience in the wide range of locks and locking systems available and in use at the moment. Whatever problem you have with your lock, professionals nowadays have the technology to get it fixed. You should look out for the type of tradesmen responsible for innovations in the industry, and are best poised to offer you the best options for your budget.

Professional locksmith companies also offer a diverse range of products for your security needs.

2. Insurance

“Professional locksmith companies provide insurance against incidents on the job,” says Gary Winton at The London Locksmiths. “When further damage occurs to a lock or locking system while an uninsured locksmith is on the job, the customer is responsible for the damage.”

Professional companies put you at ease by sending certified, insured and bonded locksmiths to deal with whatever problems you are facing. These locksmiths are armed with the most advanced equipment and technological expertise.  The customer is not responsible for any damage done on the job, and compensation is offered when necessary.

3. Proper Certification

Locksmiths from professional companies are not only bonded and insured but are also certified with proper training. Fake locksmiths usually have no professional training, and usually, obtain their ‘knowledge’ through online tutorials. This lack of training is evident in cases where untrained locksmiths cause damages during repair, which most times prove costly to fix again.

Professional locksmith companies ensure that their locksmiths go through rigorous training courses at registered training sites. They learn about various aspects of the security industry, you should keep up to date with the latest innovations in security systems and installations. Once the locksmiths pass the course, they will receive the credentials and security clearance to deal with all your safety needs. They possess the expertise you need and can provide first-rate recommendations for your home or office needs.

4. Damage Limitation

Some people would rather handle locksmith projects on their own instead of calling a professional because they are afraid of the cost.

However, this could end up being the costlier route to take. Consider what would happen if you end up damaging your doorknob or breaking your door completely.

“A project that would have ended in minutes for a professional locksmith could end up becoming a full door changing project. In fact, it could become a renovation project if your actions damaged the walls around the area,” says Mark, a professional at

Using a professional locksmith ensures you never have to spend more than necessary on any locksmith project.

5. Security

If you choose a professional locksmith, you can be certain that your security is intact. Unknown rogue locksmiths may be cheaper but are you certain that your keys won’t be replicated for use behind your back? Are you certain that the products used are the most secure?

“A professional locksmith gives you peace of mind by using the best products at all times and you won’t have to worry about security breaches caused directly or indirectly by their service.” commented the US provider First Security Services.

When choosing a professional company, using a search engine such as Google is usually a good place to start. Visit company websites and carefully review their credentials and other information, including customer reviews. Ensure that the company locksmiths arrive in a branded vehicle, and provide licenses and ID if you request for them. By choosing a professional locksmith company for your needs, you save your time and money, and the experience is stress-free.

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