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Time to Change Your Home – What To Do?

Posted on March 21st, 2013 by Tick Tick Check Team

Moving to a new house or apartment can be very difficult and stressful for everybody. Even if you’re moving to a dwelling two blocks away, there are still many characteristics and features which need to be considered. If you want everything to run smoothly with the relocation of you possessions, belongings and place of residence – focus and organize your assets. Many people crack under the pressure. The main reason is, that they just lack organisational skills. If you can’t find a way to organise your possessions in a certain order and by priorities – hire and third-party act of assistance. If you know what to do when it’s time to move the contents of the building out of your rental realty, the entire process of movables’ transfer will be a lot easier. There are many things you could do as tenant, but here are some of the most important. Moving to a new home

Sort and decide

If it is not your first housing, the most important thing you should do before even start packing your stuff is to organise all your personal belongings. After all, in our house and home we keep a lot of items in every room, and at some point we just loose track of them. But when you’re about to move to a new dwelling, you’ll need to take all your stuff with you, and it’s hard to do it when you have no idea what you own. This is why, a few months before the actual move, you should go through your property inventory room by room, and sort everything out in a checklist. After that you should make the hard decision what to take with you, and what to throw away or donate. I’m sure that you’ll find a lot of useless items and goods, which only take space. Having a professional inventory report could really help with that, because it will save you a lot of the most valuable resource – time.


The binder is a very helpful organisational tool for many occasions. You can practically use it to organise everything you want, especially your inventory. The same thing applies when you’re at the end of you tenancy period. It would really help the process, if you make a binder for all your possessions. This will help you keep track of every item, reseat and important document while you’re moving the contents of the building, house or flat. You’ll sleep a lot better, when you know that everything is written down and checked, especially if you hire an independent and certified realty adjudication service.


Another thing you need to do, if you want to make your housing relocation a lot less difficult and stressful, is to buy the needed supplies and resources. After all, you can’t just dump everything in a car and hope for the best. You’ll need to pack all inventory first. And for the packing you’ll need certain supplies, like boxes, some tape, bubble wrap (for t
he breakable items) and a permanent marker (to label your boxes). You can find these things in every supermarket or convenient store. When it’s time to move, you will thank yourself for taking the time to do it. Make a complete list and get on it!

Inventory Preparation

After you get all the supplies, it’s time for the actual itemized list of everything you have. It all starts by packing all the things you decided to not throw away. You’ll need to divide them by types (like clothes, shoes, utensils, plates, glasses, books, etc. ), and group them in this order. It will make it a lot easier for you, when you have to unpack everything in the new place. The most valuable items you should keep separately and safe, because sometimes things get lost during the process, and I’m sure that you don’t want that. You should be also very careful with the appliances, because they are usually very heavy and can damage the rest inventory during transportation.

Third-party Companies

When it’s almost time to move, you should consider if you’ll be able take care of all your inventory. Sometimes someone thinks that can handle it, but it turns out to be a big mistake. This is why many people nowadays prefer to use a professional service. If you’re looking for a good inventory service in London, you can hire a skilled inventory clerk. It’s a lot easier to handle everything, if you have someone to help you.

And remember to notify some important institutions, like banks, employers, credit cards and insurance companies about your moving, because otherwise you can have a lot of unpleasant experiences.