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Professional Inventory in a Nutshell?

Posted on February 27th, 2015 by Tick Tick Check Team

Residential and Commercial Adjudication Services
Are you are not familiar how important the concept of independent inventory service is?
Lets  sum it up.


Your Property

An independent adjudication is conducted either at the start or end of a tenancy agreement. Right after it’s issued the inventory report becomes an official and legal proof of the overall condition of your house or building. Each dwelling is carefully inspected along with all other material possessions let by the landlord. It is of crucial importance that the overall inspection results do not harm both side’s rights and interests in any way.


Peace of mind

Once the service is done with the inventory inspection report can be used to serve as proof  in case of court disputes over unforeseen expenses or inventory damage. By conducting an independent examination of the overall property inventory condition, it is far less possible for arguments and disputes when the renter leaves the housing. In order for the inventory report itself to be fully official, both the home owner and tenant should sign and agree upon it.

The report itself  contains as detailed and extensive information about literally everything possible.

Windows, Doors, Locks, Handlebars, Mats, furniture, kitchen appliance, lamps, ceilings are just a few to mention along with the condition of all walls, floor and etc.

  • If the table has a slight scratch – it should be carefully recorded.
  • There’s a hole in the wall? All goes within the report.
  • The curtains look old and used ? Sorry – it’s fair wear and tear.
  • The property landlord has lend you a mint carpet but at the end of tenancy we have a small whole in the corner? Deposit alert.
  • Your pet damaged the sofa – that is not fear wear and tear for sure.

A regular house that consists of four bedrooms could produce an adjudication report up to a 100 pages!
Of course everything depends on the quantity of merchandise, goods, personal belongings and items rented as stock.

Who is Accredited to Carry Out an Inventory?

Only a certified property adjudicator can produce and provide an official report. There are a number of organizations that offer adjudication clerk trainings and courses.

A few of the organizations in our niche are:

If it was as simple as writing down a checklist of the contents of a building, condition assessment would not be such a valuable service in London.

In order for each employees to supply and provide a evidential and convincing record, photographic proof has become a crucial part of the inventory clerk arsenal. Every certified inventory clerk not only conducts and updates property inventories, but tenant check-ins, interim look-overs and of course end of tenancy check outs. Besides the mandatory accreditation, inventory clerks acquire knowledge on a daily basis.

As time passes new tip and tricks are adapted, which makes a skilful adjudicator so valuable. That’s why all freshly accredited clerks are assigned with a more skilful inspector, so they can develop their attention to details and become more of an adept clerk. Only such are the best to evaluate and therefore compare the condition of all rental accommodation and stock belonging.

How and Whom Do Independent Inventories Serve?

Professional inventory companies service a wide range of clients such as estate and letting agents, all kinds of landlords, such as portfolio home owners, buy-to-let, let-to-buy, short-term and anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the housing and property market. If by any chance your landlord or landlady does not provide an independent adjudication record, you as a renter are guaranteed by law to demand it, otherwise there would not be a way to prove your side of the story.

Who would believe that the carpet wasn’t damaged in the first place?
How about the rest of all damaged furniture?

By hiring an independent service provider you can rest assured that potential arguments over property inventory could turn out being personal. Housing owners often get emotional over stains and wholes in carpets, tables, kitchen appliances and so forth, since in a way it’s about their own possessions.

Imagine you were the land lord or lady, how could one convince you those nails were there in the beginning of the tenancy?

An independent, certified and experienced property inventory adjudicator service could easily assess the quality of all items within the contents of the building or flat. Letting agents and whole whole letting agencies, councils, rental property associations, private landlords, solicitors and even corporate clients are among the most common inventory company clients we serve.

Only a skilful property inventory clerk can comprehend all factors involved and that is the one and single way to ensure your safety no matter which side of the tenancy you’re at.