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Posted on April 12th, 2018 by Tick Tick Check Team

Rental inventory and London landlords
Inventory services are always necessary whether you are a landlord, tenant or a property manager. Third-party adjudication will help you make sure that you are protected in the event of a dispute. That is why it is vital for you to have a professional agency to help you with this type of responsibility.

Are you are living in London? Tick Tick Check is a leading inventory company that you should definitely consider.

To help you have a better understanding of the impact a professional inventory check has, we will provide a brief introduction to the currently available services for homeowners, estate agents, landlords and renters:

Tick Tick Check Provides an Independent Inventory Report

Having all your properties listed, organized, and evaluated would make everything a lot easier. Tick Tick Check provides detailed inventory reports that take the form of a detailed list that highlights all you need to have written in paper about the current condition of your rental property.

The check-in or check out report consists of thorough info including notes about your doors, walls, windows, floors, fittings, and furnishing listed in the undersigned tenancy agreement.

By hiring reputable professionals, you will own a thorough report of the entire state of the property before the tenancy starts or ends. By having both sides, the landlords and tenants, agreed to the report, you will have an indisputable proof in case of court actions.

The Property Inventory + Check-in Report Combo

And if you are still unsure of whether to accept the deal or not, why don’t you try Tick Tick Check’s combo for incoming tenants. It wraps up both a thorough inventory check and a check-in report.

This service provides the detailed condition of the rental housing in case the landlords or property managed missed a few scuffs and marks that were already present. And the check-in report will provide all details down to the last sign of wear and tear as the renter is handed the keys. Sometimes, it could something like buying a new down comforter or leaving a dirty toilet seat. It’s important for both sides to have an adequate third-party adjudication of the property before the lease takes place.

The Check-out Report

Along with the property inventory and check in report, this service will show the final condition of the property compared to the initial condition.

The report would ensure an indisputable agreement between the landlord and tenant in case of future disputes. It proves to be quite efficient in the case when the owner notices damage right after the tenants have moved out.

Imagine how difficult it would be for both to reach an agreement after a week, or two? That’s rather impossible. No tenant would agree to cover cost over damage after he or she has already moved out.

An Energy Performance Certificate

This is one thing that most tenant usually forget or don’t care about when renting the property. But don’t take it lightly since you might haven’t known its impact on both your expense and experience.

For example, equipment with low energy efficiency will cause more energy loss and might not work as well as the standard ones. So you might end up spending more and do not get a more efficient performance. Tick Tick Check provides a professional rated service by a fully qualified assessor that will ensure that you have the most accurate result.

Gas Safety Certificate

And not just the energy efficiency that needs to look after, you will also want to have your gas line and equipment to be completely and thoroughly checked to ensure that they are in an operational condition.

It is always safer to have a professional to check up on your appliance. The report will show the actual state of the gas system and the extent of risk.

Don’t worry. It won’t take long and you will be able to rest assured that you won’t end up as the victim of an accident.

Floor Planning

In order to attract new customers to your property real estate, you should have a well-designed floor plan.

Tick Tick Check offers creative, efficient, and regulatory-compliant floor planning to match your preferences.

The team knows exactly what you need and can perform changes upon your request.

Other services at Tick Tick Check

Customer support

You will receive 24/7 customer support even. So if you have any question about the inventory process or the company itself, just pick up the phone and call us.

Easy scheduling and re-scheduling

No matter how busy and how tight your schedule is, Tick Tick Check will still manage to provide a booking slot to match your daily agenda.

A truly professional team

All clerks of the Tick Tick Check team are well-trained and certificated so you won’t have to worry about the risk of a landlord-tenant dispute.

And when you choose Tick Tick Check as your inventory agency, you can rest assured of the high-end professional grade of each stage of the service.

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