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Your First UK Buy-to-let Real Estate? London Homes, Rental Dwelling Characteristics and Renters’ Inventories Expectations

Posted on December 18th, 2014 by Tick Tick Check Team

No matter if it is to be your first buy-to-let property or you are already skilful and experienced in the field of any real estate related business, there are always tips an tricks that if take under consideration will improve both the start and end point. Renting in London is more than tricky and proper planning could save you lots of nerves, unneeded expenses and of course result in better assets and a wiser usage of your capital. As professional inventory clerks, we at Tick Tick Check Inventories drive throughout the city on a regular basis. To pick the wrong house or flat often results in insufficient income, and a number of problems, while the smart pick, backed up with both research, knowledge and of course – the right resources, could lead you to none less than success. In order to make that right decision every entrepreneur needs to evaluate what his current options are and consider each possible outcome. Such power requires a set of characteristics, qualities and spirit, that are hard to achieve but if so, will definitely take you on a path to wealth and prosperity.

The Real Estate Location Is Among The Most Important Properties Of Rental Realty

Without the shadow of a doubt, the well know saying “location, location, location” does not tell the whole story. Each future landlord should have on his mind a few extra thoughts people often miss. After all people often risk valuable resources, assets, personal fortune, capital, riches, other wealth, holdings, securities, patrimony and etc. When it comes down to the beautiful landscape of London, the choice of the right area can be compared with the main theme in a book. There is not a single person that would not like to have the view of Big Ben or have the London Bridge five minutes away. Unfortunately that is often too hard to get no matter your inventories and resources nor capital.

  • Every future buy-to-let property owner has to decide which type of rental buildings he’s in for?
  • Would it be that of rental apartments, or rather than a flat the future home owner is more into a house?
  • Are suburb areas more desired, where the type of buildings is primly houses or those London areas that are closer to the centre point of the United Kingdom capital?

To execute a successful lease scheme, your real estate capital investment has to face tough choices. In order to pick the right decision of assets, land or realty, the best way is to base your London property analysis upon the transport tube map of London.


London Boroughs

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Sectors #1 and #2 are considered as the best of the London centre, where both property prices and housing fees are both high and accommodation is hard to find at all, especially in #1. Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth, Tower Hamlets, Camden Islington and Hackney are just a few to name. Sectors 3 and 4 are where the first wave of suburbs start at. Most of the properties there the so called semi-detached family houses and units. Everything that goes beyond those have the housings and homes with the lowest of rent and prices. Of course every decision is a compromise and the time it takes to reach the centre could easily exceed an hour. The rule says that the bigger the size of the property a future landlord looks for is, the further away from the hot business centre of the city they should search for.


A colourful map of the London Areas

London Borougs


1. Which Parts Does West London Offer?


  • South Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea

By no doubt these are the areas that consist of the properties with the highest of both real estates price and rent. Tenants that might prefer those areas have higher property inventories expectations, which narrows the difference in between rent with other London boroughs

  • Chiswick

This London are is known to be quite far away form the hotspot. Expats of the district enjoy an excellent city infrastructure, culture life and a wide choice of restaurants and entertainment in general. The housing fees are more reasonable and the interest of renters defines the dynamic housing market over there.

  • Fulham and Putney

These London neighbourhoods are among the most popular for middle class families. The Parsons Green Tube station is quite popular. Potential renters would have lower expectations when it comes down to furniture, home appliances and overall inventory. Services of all kinds are available.

  • Holland Park and Nothing Hill

Most of the homes in Nothing Hill tend to have a smaller acreage. If you’re looking for a buy-to-let realty with wide front yards and lawns, that is not the right area for you. Kensington and Holland park are quite close. They are popular for their large houses, second hand  used furniture and other home inventory stores and that’s what renters love.


2. What Dwelling Characteristics Do The North Parts Have?


  • Camden

This area of the United Kingdom capital has been known for a long time to be a a hangout for all kind of criminal activities but in the last handful of years Camden has become one of the most desirable spots for property buyers. Nowadays it is full of club houses, bars and a lot of young students. The music scene in this area is flourishing, so if you as a future Landlord plan to rent out to students – the are characteristics are more than suitable.

  • Hampstead Heath

The whole neighbourhood is know for having some of the best schools, which are perfect for family housing. There are a number of excellent outdoor swimming pools which make it perfect for the purpose. A buy-to-let kind of investment in the area could ensure you long term tenancies. Just make sure you cover the condition of the property. Inventory services can be easily booked over there.

  • Wembley

If distance does not bother you Wembley is among the United Kingdom areas, where you could look and choose a more reasonable buy-to-let kind of estate. Your future tenants have to be fully aware of the location characteristics.


3. East London Real Estates And Do You Need To Knwo When You Are Looking For A Lease


  • Hoxton and Shoreditch

For the last couple of years both areas have been enjoying the rising interest toward the property market. The number of young professionals has risen, because of its sophisticate looks. Again, thanks to the rising percentage of students and younger people in general, the are is full of music bars, shops, theatres, clubs and every piece the cosmopolitan inventory of a flourishing city would have.

  • Stratford and Leyton

These two are consider as Sector 3 area. Although being in that specific sector of the Tube, it still does cost a bit to reach to the hot centre of London. It is popular to have a lot of immigrants as well as lots of the offices of newly founded companies like the property inventory company we run. Both boroughs felt a rise in the available accommodation in 2012.


4. The South Parts And What Future Property Landlords Need To Consider


  • Wandsworth and Tootling

These are among the most distant boroughs of London. If we look at the properties of the buildings there, we would find mainly big family houses

  • Wimbledon

One of the most famous boroughs in the world. There is a little something for everybody looking for accommodation, no matter because of rental or buy-to-let motivation. You can see it all there. Starting from the most expensive houses, to the more reasonable costing properties. Custom built mansions, council towers buildings, small houses and apartments are available as properties for sale. Regular bus services are at your or your future tenants disposal even at night.

  • Battersea

Its properties has been know to be a part of the borough where the working class has found its accommodation. Unfortunately none of the Tube service stops could lead you there, so in order to reach it, renters would have to spend some extra effort and time on a daily basis. No matter which segment of the tenant market you will target at, this would be among the main cons of you future rental property.

  • Clapham

In proximity of the park you could find a number of the most incredible old houses in London. Some of the properties are listed on the market along with all their all property inventory. Services available are those of the Northern and the Vicotoria Tube lines.


If You Plan To Enter The Housing Niche – Consider The Price And Go For The Right Type Of Building

No matter if it is about a investment, driven by dwellings’ landlord ambition or by private home owner desires, the UK market and especially in the capital does offer a wide choice of building types and qualities. Of course – the most important of all features is that of the price. From there the acreage size varies, the inventory included, its condition and etc. Depending to the desired rent class, as a future landlord you should choose which part of the market you’re going for. A peculiar fact that both freshmen and experienced buyers do not know is the effect of the stamp duty holiday. All estate that drops under £175000

did skip the tax. Double check if you have it in mind.

 The Different Types Of Tenants Suite Different Kind Of Rental Properties And Need Different Inventory

Among the most influential factors is that of the market segment of tenants you are on the look for. You future housing renters could be whole families, young couples, young or elder singles, students and etc. Depending on the borough area and exact location If you happen to choose a house or flat near any of the established schools and universities of London you might consider lower rent a bit.

If you happen to aim at the more expensive neighbourhoods – have in mind that your potential property renters would have higher expectations and therefore be a bit more picky. Landlords may be lords of the land, but the still have to consider what are the characteristics and resources of the clientele they go after.