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Burglar Proof your Home with these 5 Easy tips

Posted on January 8th, 2018 by Tick Tick Check Team

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No matter who you are or where you live, if a would-be burglar spots something of value and sets his sights on it, chances are he will attempt to take it from you sooner or later.

Whether it’s the keys to your new convertible or a laptop they’ve seen a member of your family using is irrelevant.

Your focus should be to protect your home as best you can so a burglar can’t get close to anything of value & more importantly, your family.


According to Ukcrimestats burglary statistics for November 2017 are up 2000+ ACB incidents compared to October. This is why it’s even more important for homeowners to take the necessary steps and provide that extra layer of security their homes need to put burglars off.

Here’s the UK crime stats graph

Burglary stats in the UK

Fortunately, we’ve put together 5 easy tips you can use to protect your home from invasion or burglary. Let’s get started.

1) Install a Burglar Alarm ⏰

This one is very simple to implement but does take a little investment.

Burglar alarms can cost anywhere between £150 – £1000. The price can vary further depending on whether you opt for a monitored or unmonitored security service so be sure to do your research before picking one.

Despite the cost, it’s safe to say if you were ever to be burgled, chances are you’d lose much more than the cost of fitting in a burglar alarm.

Don’t forget to add in ‘home security notices’ around the exterior of your house as this will undoubtedly put off burglars even more.

If you’re still on the ropes about installing a burglar alarm or home security system because of other reasons such as you might be moving out soon, know that getting an alarm in could increase the value of your property!

More and more UK housebuyers are looking for the ‘complete package’ when searching for a home to buy which includes home security so if your house comes fully equipped with a working alarm or security system, it will stand out from the crowd.

2) Keep Windows & Doors Locked ?

If your door is locked a burglar will look around your home for any open windows they can use to sneak into your home so it makes sense to keep both your windows and doors locked especially when nobody is at home.

Be sure to add in good quality window locks to any wide opening windows as experienced thieves can spot weak locks and force them open.

You should also consider reinforcing your doors & windows by adding metal bars. At the very least they will act as a deterrent because burglars don’t like to loiter. They want to get about their business and get out as quick as possible. The thought of spending extra time removing metal bars will come across as too risky.

3) Secure Valuables & Keep them Out of Sight ☝️

Don’t advertise your valuables for the world to see, just don’t.

If you have to keep items out on display put them in places that are not easily visible from the outside. If something catches a burglars eyes you can bet he will do everything in his power to try and take it.

Invest in a safe for your most valuable items and consider getting it bolted down as thieves nowadays are ruthless – they will take the whole safe with them if they have too!

4) Keep on Good Terms with Your Neighbours ?

Getting to know and building some trust with your neighbours is a great way to help keep your home more secure because you are essentially getting an extra pair of eyes to look out for your home, and more importunately eyes looking in from the OUTSIDE.

This is exactly why tightly knit communities tend to have lower crime rates – everyone looks out for each other.

Trustworthy neighbours also come in handy when you go on vacation as you can give them your keys and have them watch over your home while you are away.

Living in a nice community can also influence your homes resale value. Homebuyers are increasingly starting to value homes with solid community ties so if you help establish this in your area and do ever need to sell your home, be sure to mention it to estate agents and potential buyers. It could be one of the reasons that lead you to a quick house sale!

5) Make it Hard to Stay Hidden ?

Burglars love to stay hidden when going about their business so if you make it so there aren’t any hiding places around the outside your home, it’s likely a burglar would pass up on trying to get in as it would be too risky.

Some things you can do to make the exterior of your home more visible include:

  • Get exterior lights
  • Cut short any tall shrubbery or remove it completely
  • Add in motion detectors.

We are confident if you follow these tips your home will be less of a target for burglars. All the extra deterrents will simply make it too risky and put off even the most hardened burglars.

Bonus Tip #1: Get a Dog!

If you’ve managed to make it this far we have 1 extra tip that will help you protect your home from burglars – but it’s not for everyone.

Dog’s are loyal, dogs are loud and dogs are a huge deterrent for burglars. They have the ability to detect and scare away anyone.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a pet lover so make sure you know everything there is about owning a pet before getting one!

Bonus Tip #2: Consider utilising smart locks!

Make your life simple and leave nerves and frustration over keys lost in the past. Look into smart door lock reviews and choose the unite that matches your door, home and personal taste. Improve your home security and ease your day to day life. Smart door locks are a great way to do that.

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