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A Landlord’s Rental Accommodation Checklist

Posted on January 20th, 2015 by Tick Tick Check Team

We had a serious discussion in our office about the most important aspects of real estate and inventory management, that rental accommodation landlords should always go through at the beginning of any lease or tenancy.A Landlord’s Rental Accommodation Checklist

The Landlord Housing Checklist

The checklist is suitable for both rental first timers and for those already experienced in the housing business niche. No matter if it is to be your first renter or if it is about the start of a long relationship with one or more tenants. We all often forget the most ubiquitous details and tasks. For the sake of the assets and capital investment a helping hand of some sort is a must. That’s why every property owner should execute a simple checklist that highlights the essentials all rental homeowners should always take into consideration and never lose account of.

Of crucial importance to the whole housing rental process is to obtain a proper “Tenancy Agreement”. Make sure you this legal asset of rental accommodation relationship in between you as a landlord and your tenants is up to date. The United Kingdom Landlord-tenant law has suffered some changes in the last few years and a check-up is highly advisable.

Tenant References Will Help You Secure Your Dwelling

Before you enter into a rental agreement – make sure you talk to your prospective tenant and obtain some kind of contacts with his or hers previous landlord. Another useful essential reference is that of the current or former employer of your future renter. If there are any characteristics that might change your mind – you should be aware if such are present.

Renter’s Background Can Tell Who Are You About

In order confirm that your future partner in the tenancy agreement is worth your trust, some extra research and proof could not hurt. After all – it is all about the future of your property. Ask for an up to date bank statement as well as information or documentation that may confirm the income of your prospective renter. You would not want to end up with huge costs over damaged inventory that has nothing to do with fear wear and tear.

The Tenancy Deposit Covers The Landlord Inventory

Property owners are bound by the landlord-tenant law to ensure a renter’s deposit, which of course is valid if you have chosen one among the government certified schemes, meant to protect deposits. Such actions must be done within 30 days of when the sum was received. The tenancy deposit is meant to secure the interests of the real estate owner in case of extensive wear and tear damage. Inventory companies deliver an independent statement of the precise condition of the dwelling and all items that go along.

The Energy Performance Certificate

It is the legal right of every housing renter to have access to the energy performance certificate in order to foresee what the future cost might be. The common practice is to supply tenants with a copy of the document. England law requires a renewal every 10 years, which means it’s not the most current data.

The Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate

Corgi proforma 12 or CP12 is the legal evidence of a routine professional examination and check of all home gas appliances. The safety inspection of all such inventory is to be examined on a regular basis and this is a legal requirement. By law the property tenants have to receive a copy within 28 days of the date it was issued.

Overall Housing Contents Condition

In order for the landlord to eliminate any possibilities of arguments over fear wear and tear or the overall condition of the real estate, it is highly advisable to conduct an independent adjudication both before the start and end of tenancy cleaning. A professional report consists of both written description and visual proof of all items that are not belongings of the renter but are to be used. Such documented evidence serves as a full protection in case of court disputes over property inventory damage.

Council Tax and Utility Costs

If all other procedures are done with and both sides of the tenancy agreement have agreed upon a move in date, the next thing on the list is to inform the local council of the new neighbours. Different boroughs tax different amounts. There are a few that give you the option of partial discount if your property isn’t rented at the current moment but the rest demand full payment. Housing renters must take care of their own It is the tenant’s responsibility to choose and arrange any switch of supply.

User Manuals

A common practice is for the homeowner to grand a user manual for each appliance present in the housing. This might save you unnecessary calls or problems in case of any accidents or harm the tenants have suffered but could have avoided.

The Property Owner Contacts

In case of an emergency with any of the property inventory, London landlords should always leave reliable contact details despite the personal effects that might follow such as inconvenience in all its forms. Whenever your tenants encounter unexpected problems it is the real estate owner who they’ll need to get in contact with.


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